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Civil Engineering

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Undergraduate Program-- Civil Engineering


  This program aim to cultivate interdisciplinary, engineering and technical talents with a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge of civil engineering discipline. It has two concentrations in constructional engineering and road and bridge engineering.


Program Learning Outcomes

  At the completion of the program the student will obtain:

(1) Knowledge of humanities and social sciences.

(2) Knowledge of building mechanics, soil mechanics, architectural design and analysis

(3) Basic skill of engineering surveying and testing.

(4) Proficiency in the use of computer.

(5) Proficiency in using at least one foreign language.

Core courses

  College Physics, theoretical mechanics, descriptive geometry and civil engineering drawing, theoretical mechanics, mechanics of materials, structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, introduction to civil engineering, civil engineering materials, building architecture, engineering surveying, project budget, construction of civil engineering, concrete structure, steel structure, soil mechanics and foundation engineering, civil engineering detection, CAD technology, project management, analysis and other treatment of accident due to project quality.  

Period of Study

  Four years


  Bachelor of Science in Engineering   

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