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Engineering Cost

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Associated Degree Program-- Engineering Cost


  This program aim to cultivate application-oriented talents with a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and professional skills of engineering cost, who are qualified for the professions in working drawing estimate, engineering quantity list quotation, project settlement planning and management.

Program Learning Outcomes

  At the completion of the program the student will obtain:

(1) Knowledge of recognizing architectural graph in construction, installation and decoration.

(2) Basic knowledge of economics, management, accounting and audit.

(3) Knowledge of law of contract and contract management in engineering cost management.

(4) Capabilities of engineering estimates, calculation, budgeting, settlement, and auditing.

(5) Capabilities of technological and economic analysis and economic evaluation.

(6) Capabilities of project management.

(7) At least one intermediate level vocational qualification certificate.

(8) English proficiency certificate of Shandong higher vocational colleges.

(9) Certificate of Shandong College Fundamentals of Computer Culture Examination.  

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