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Packaging Engineering

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Undergraduate Program-- Packaging Engineering


  This program aim to cultivate application-oriented talents with a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge of packaging engineering and capabilities in packaging design and packaging technology. It has two concentrations in package structure design and package printing. Students majoring in Packaging Engineering are qualified in the professions of packaging structure, decoration design, and package printing in packaging and printing and commodity production and circulation departments.

Program Learning Outcomes

  At the completion of the program the student will obtain:

(1) Basic packaging engineering knowledge of Packing Material, Packaging Technology, Printing Technology, etc..

(2) Capabilities of developing packaging technology procedures, choosing reasonable packaging methods, materials and equipment, packaging structure and decoration design (including packaging CAD), as well as technology management.

(3) Knowledge of laws, regulations and ethical principles involved in packaging.

(4) Research capabilities of new packaging materials, new technology and new structure and   the ability to handle the prospects and developing trends of packaging.

Core courses

  Packaging design, packaging materials and processing, packaging technology, package printing and post-press finishing, packaging decoration design, packaging engineering CAD, packaging and printing equipment, etc..

Major experiments

  Package structure design, packing material and printability, packaging decoration design, packaging engineering CAD, package printing, etc..

Period of Study

  Four years


  Bachelor of Science in Engineering   

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